At ELLOZZE, we stand for a responsible fashion industry, which we translate through local manufacturing and «zero waste» collections.


95% of our collections are made in France, in a local workshop right outside of Paris. Only our t-shirts are produced in Portugal. Our collections are manufactured in limited series with a «zero waste» objective. The idea is simple: manufacturing less but better, manufacturing slowier, not throwing anything away.


We have committed to upcycling both through the sourcing of our fabrics and through extending our garments’ lifecycle.
Close to half of our fabrics are sourced from deadstock material coming from prestigious parisian luxury fashion houses. Our limited quantities manufacturing allows us to source fabrics this way.
We also work in partnership with Tilli, the premier at-home tailoring service. For our jumpsuits, we will cover the charge for simple hemming, and you can also use Tilli’s services to transform the garments you already own and give them a second life.


In order to extend our collections’ lifecycle, we have partnered with Les Cachotières, a premier renting website. To enjoy a style for one evening, or to discover the strength of the ‘jumpsuit effect’ before not being able to wear anything else than jumpsuits, renting is a great, easy, convenient and responsible solution.


Our orders are wrapped in recyclable materials: paper and cardboard. Our tote bags are manufactured in France with leftover fabrics from previous collections, that are upcycled to create unique tote bags.


We have revised our distribution model in order to offer you products at the right price, all year long.
By distributing directly to our customers, by cutting down the middlemen, by rethinking our buying process and by slowing down our production cadence, we are no longer following fashion’s frantic rhythm, its amount of collections and its inevitable markdowns.
Our prices are fair and right and we will no longer markdown our collections.

Those commitments are constantly evolving and we are always looking to improve our environmental and social footprint. Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or suggestions.