The leather jumpsuit: a timeless must-have style

The jumpsuit is THE ideal everyday outfit, no matter the season. Among the different styles of jumpsuits, the leather jumpsuit is an elegant and feminine alternative for the cold days of winter. A true timeless must-have, the second skin version of the jumpsuit will be your ally throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Why is the leather jumpsuit so timeless?

It is in the 60's that the leather jumpsuit appeared in the motorcycle industry, especially for men. So, originally, the leather jumpsuit was thought for the safety of bikers. But why choose leather as technical clothing? Simply because leather is a material that is both robust and flexible. Indeed, this noble material offers to the bikers a protection to the elbows and to the shoulders during possible falls, without disturbing them in their movements.

However, this 2-in-1 garment is not limited to its purely professional use. It has become an essential piece of fashion for women's fashion dressing. Emblematic costume of the famous Catwoman, the leather jumpsuit resists the effects of fashion and is worn with elegance from mother to daughter.

As practical as it is timeless, it distinguishes itself from the classic jumpsuit by its more sophisticated look. Its leather material gives it a lot of hold and structure, enhancing the silhouette.

Worn during the day at work, it allows you to wear a casual chic look, while in the evening, and well accessorized, it reveals a personality both rock and elegant.

The leather jumpsuit for women comes in all colors, all shapes and all materials. For example, it can be in suede or patent leather. You will be spoilt for choice!

How to wear a leather jumpsuit

For a classic yet chic look, opt for a black fitted leather jumpsuit with a collar. To complete the outfit, you can pair it with loafers, derbies or heels.

The Pamina leather jumpsuit, which perfectly embodies the ELLOZZE woman, both powerful and elegant, is ideal to achieve this working-girl look. Made of black lambskin, it can be worn like a second skin. It is equipped with snaps at the level of the bust, allowing to reveal the neckline or simply to play on layering, according to the weather and your needs. The casual-chic side is brought by the side pockets and zippers at the wrists.

Do you like the biker or rock look? In that case, choose a black leather jumpsuit with big zippers or buttons. The must-have? A leather jumpsuit fitted at the waist, like our Nikita style.

To assert your rock n’ roll side, don't hesitate to wear black boots and make up your lips with a bright red. Even better? Wear it like French actress Michèle Laroque, with leopard pumps.

For those who love color, opt for black, white, red, khaki or even chocolate, like our Julie jumpsuit. In order to avoid a fashion faux-pas, choose neutral shoes and a black coat.

You have to go to a cocktail party? The strapless leather jumpsuit will highlight your curves and give you an ultra sophisticated look. You can accessorize with bold gold or silver earrings and pumps.

With the leather jumpsuit, the choices and options are endless. Pairing it with a pair of white sneakers or boots, the leather jumpsuit always guarantees a successful look.

The ELLOZZE leather jumpsuit: the choice of the best quality leather

There is a multitude of jumpsuit styles, in authentic leather or imitation leather. From one garment to another, the quality of the material can vary greatly. In a more ethical approach, in which it is important to consume less and better, it is appropriate to pay particular attention to the quality of leather. It goes without saying that faux leather, even if it has the advantage of offering low prices, is not a resistant material, made to last over time.

As for real leather, the better its quality, the longer it will last. At ELLOZZE, our leather jumpsuits are exceptional pieces, handmade by our Parisian partner workshop. We scrupulously choose the most beautiful lambskins for their delicacy and appearance. Thus, if they are properly maintained, you will be able to wear them for many years.

How to maintain your leather jumpsuit?

Proper care is necessary for leather to keep its shine over time. Our favorite leather clothes are subject to many aggressions on a daily basis, such as pollution or bad weather (rain, snow, sun...). So how to maintain your leather pieces?

Here are a few tips to put in place regularly to keep your leather jumpsuit looking like new:

  • It is necessary to dust the leather of a jacket, pants or a jumpsuit.
  • It is important to hang leather clothes on hangers of the right width so that they do not become distorted.
  • Never dry a soaked leather garment with a heat source (radiator, hair dryer, sun...).
  • Leather garments must be waterproofed and moisturized as soon as they are purchased and regularly with specific products.
  • In case of stains, it is important to clean the leather garment with specific products. For smooth leather, we recommend colorless leather creams, suitable for delicate leathers.