Inspired by the work uniform, modernized and constantly reinvented, the workwear jumpsuit has become an essential in the modern woman's wardrobe. A unique style with a strong and confident character, a garment in which you feel both comfortable and confident, the jumpsuit is the working girl's favorite outfit. More than just a garment, the jumpsuit is a second skin, a modern armor that boosts our confidence and in which we feel free to express our intentions and bold personality.

An almost magical garment because it adapts to all body shapes all the while structuring them, the jumpsuit allows us to protect ourselves as well as to express ourselves, to work and to go out, to assume ourselves and move forward. Easy to put on, it nevertheless gives an incredible sense of audacity and an allure to all those who dare to wear it. From business-casual to sharp work suiting, find the jumpsuit that works best for you and your style.


Women's overalls are inspired by the practical and comfortable work wear, with a modern and trendy take that combines comfort and elegance, sublimating all women whatever their age and shape. Originally a men's garment, women have appropriated this singularly stylish piece to make it a must-have in their wardrobes and a fashion staple. From mechanic-style jumpsuits, to aviator-inspired jumpsuits or a twist on the traditional overalls, our jumpsuits like to play on the contrasts between vintage and modern, masculine and feminine, chic and casual. The jumpsuit is suitable for everyday life, indoors and outdoors, at home or in the office, all year round. It gives the woman wearing it confidence with a self-assured and bold look.

The workwear element of our jumpsuits is a style but also an attitude that depends on the quality of the selected materials and impeccable cuts. From the timeless denim that recalls the raw aspect of the working world to the elegant virgin wool borrowed from the men's wardrobe, passing by the fluid and elegant crepe or the comfortable cotton gabardine, our jumpsuits will dress you whatever the season or occasion.


Easy to mix and match, no need for a full wardrobe with this 2-in-1 garment. The practical and minimalist trend of "less is more" means we can play with the endless possibilities of the jumpsuit by creating a variety of different looks to suit all occasions.


Fall in love with our iconic Nikita long-sleeve jumpsuit in black or navy blue virgin wool for a timeless workwear look. This charismatically styled long-sleeved jumpsuit enhances the figure with a feminine cut, elastic waist, straight high-waisted trousers that elongate the leg, work shirt collar and a zipped neckline meaning you can choose how much to reveal. We also like it's rougher details such as the metallic zips or the press studs which are a reminder of the utilitarian spirit while adding elegance to the outfit. Wear it with pumps or heeled sandals for a daring and feminine look or with comfortable flats.


For short sleeves, try the Prude jumpsuit or the best-seller jumpsuit Paola, in virgin wool or crepe, in black or navy blue for a chic look without any ‘faux pas’. The Prude short-sleeve jumpsuit is charming in its femininity with its tone-on-tone belt that marks the waist, its fitted trousers and high collar. A white sleeveless or short-sleeved blouse can easily be worn underneath the jumpsuit for a chic outfit ideal for work, worn with a pair of loafers or derbies to complete the look. For a more structured look, go for the Paola with its flared bust, straight trousers and flap pockets on the chest, a jumpsuit that oozes style and confidence. Slip on a pair of sneakers for a more casual look or with pumps depending on the occasion. Accessorize with one of our leather sleeves or tote bags for a stylish work outfit.


You can bet on the jumpsuit for work! The jumpsuit is a chic and elegant outfit without overdoing it, a strong and confident look that allows you to express your personality, determination and confidence. From the more formal to the more chic and casual, adopt the jumpsuit for the world of work, whether it's for a job interview, an important meeting, or simply for office days and afterwork parties with colleagues, stand out with an ELLOZZE jumpsuit. Put on your favorite jumpsuit in the morning, slip on some nice work shoes and carry your leather clutch under your arm, feeling strong and beautiful.


Try our suit-inspired jumpsuits for a workwear look that imposes its charisma. A subtle mix of masculine and feminine, we like to appropriate the one piece look to awaken the girl boss in us, the jumpsuit becomes our confidence booster.

Wear the very chic Narjisse sleeveless jumpsuit in navy blue virgin wool with a pair of sneakers or patent richelieus for an elegant and assertive look. This jumpsuit revisits the traditional men's dinner jacket with its lapel collar, but feminizes the look with its belted waistband and pegged trousers that lift the silhouette. Tailoring reinvented and sublimated for a contemporary and trending take on workwear attire.

For a sensual androgynous look and an original cut, slip on the asymmetrical Brooke jumpsuit in black or navy blue virgin wool. A seductive jumpsuit with a revisited suit blazer that stands out with the sleeves, a plunging collar and slightly oversized high-waisted trousers. Dare to wear it straight on the skin with a pair of heels for a sexy look at a party or at drinks, or pass it over a button down shirt or thin jumper for a composed workwear look.

For sunny days, choose the romper interpretation of the suit-like outfit with the Kristen romper. Its straight cut and Bermuda length make it an ideal, comfortable office outfit. Layer with a white shirt and black patent pumps for an incredibly chic look.

You can also vary and play with the illusion of wearing a blouse and suit trousers with the Rita jumpsuit in cream and navy blue crepe. An ultra-feminine combination that dresses you up in the blink of an eye and takes you from the office to the afterwork.

Jumpsuits for women, for all ages, all styles and all body types, the outfit possibilities are endless. Find our workwear-inspired jumpsuits and rompers to wear all year round for the most fashionable, flattering and fun work clothing options. Discover also our summer essentials, light and comfortable jumpsuits for all women, as well as our weekend favorites.

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