At ELLOZZE, we select only the best quality materials and use only high-end fabrics that fall perfectly.The fabrics we use for our jumpsuits "The Icons" are for the most part made of natural fibers and our capsule collections are made from fabrics sourced from renown luxury fashion houses in Paris.

Virgin Wool

We borrowed this natural and particularly elegant fabric from men's suiting. Its light and high-quality hand make it a very feminine and comfortable material to wear. Our virgin wool fabric is made of 94% wool, some polyamide for resistance and softness, and some elastane for extra coziness.

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Cotton Gabardine

Tightly woven, water and wind proof, gabardine fabric is structured and resistant. Cotton also lets your skin breathe and naturally regulates your body temperature. With freedom of mouvement un mind, our gabardine fabric has just a touch of elastane to make you feel more comfortable.

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Cotton Poplin

Une matière légère, souple et douce sur la peau, très agréable à porter pendant les jours les plus chauds car le coton régule naturellement la température de votre corps. La popeline que nous choisissons ne se froisse pas, évitant la mauvaise surprise quand on la sort de sa valise !

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We use raw, never washed-out denim made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane for more comfort. Raw denim brings outstanding durability and structure to our products, creating timeless silhouettes.

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Our polyester crepe fabric comes from 30% recycled fabric. A carefree material that falls perfectly, we aim to source exclusively recycled crepe fabric for our upcoming collections. Firm zero waste believers, we try to utilize our entire stock of fabrics.

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Nous créons des pièces d'exception en cuir d'agneau upcyclé provenant de stocks dormants de grandes maisons parisiennes. Nous utilisons du cuir d'agneau stretch pour les combinaisons près du corps, et de l'agneau plongé pour les modèles plus structurés.

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