We select the most beautiful materials, for their drape and quality. The fabrics used for our iconic jumpsuits are mostly natural fibers and the creation of the capsule collections is made from upcycled materials, coming from major Parisian houses.

Virgin Wool

We borrowed this natural and particularly elegant material from men's suits. Lightweight and of high quality, its drape makes it very feminine and pleasant to wear. The composition is 94% wool, polyamide for greater resistance and softness, and elastane for greater comfort.

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Cotton Gabardine

A waterproof and airtight material due to its very tight weave, gabardine is resistant and structured. Cotton lets your skin breathe and naturally regulates your body temperature. Our gabardine has just a little elastane for added comfort and freedom of movement.

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Cotton Poplin

A light, supple and soft material on the skin, very pleasant to wear during the hottest days because cotton naturally regulates your body temperature. The poplin we choose does not crease, avoiding unpleasant surprises when you take it out of your suitcase!

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We use raw denim without fading, made from 98% cotton and 2% elastane for better comfort. Raw denim brings strength and structure to our creations, for a timeless silhouette.

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Our polyester crepe is 30% recycled. This material ensures a perfect fit and is very easy to maintain. Our goal is to source 100% recycled crepe for our next collections. With a zero waste objective, we use all our fabric stocks.

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We create exceptional pieces in upcycled lambskin from dormant stocks of major Parisian houses. We use stretch lambskin for close-fitting suits, and dipped lambskin for more structured models.

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