ELLOZZE was born at a time when I wanted to assert my choices and follow my path. Today, ELLOZZE exists to support and accompany women in their freedom.


Since their origin in factories as male work clothes, jumpsuits supported female liberation, taking over the dancefloors in the ‘70s and becoming a staple in our wardrobes in the ‘80s. They are an almost magical piece of clothing that can adapt to yet structure all body types. In a jumpsuit, you can be protected, express your style, work and play, be confident and move ahead in your life. They’re easy to slip into and yet radiate an incredibly self-assured and seductive style for all who are bold enough to wear them.

Jumpsuits are also an excellent playground for self-exploration. I allow myself full artistic license when thinking up my pieces, and I love letting myself be inspired by my surroundings, including design and architecture. I definitely have a weakness for modernism, but also for the lives of women breaking the mold and carving themselves a spot in the world. I love playing with contrast – the masculine and the feminine, the structured and the sensual, the bold and the delicate – to find my inspiration and give my pieces that perfect French touch of elegance.

ELLOZZE is more than just clothes. We give space to women who are confident and steaming ahead in life. Beyond etiquette and job considerations, the women we unite have all been forged by their origins and their battles and have created their own path and place in the world. Their journey is inspiring. Their words are freeing and thought-provoking and they are good for us all, which is why we put them at the forefront.

Yours, Narjisse