The story of ELLOZZE is first and foremost a people’s adventure that started over 4 years ago, with the meeting of entrepreneurial and audacious women.
Their common passion for the jumpsuit sparked for those women the will to create and develop their first concept of a brand dedicated to Made in France jumpsuits.


More than a garment, the jumpsuit is an attitude.
A must-have suit for some women, a uniform for others, a chosen ally for every woman who wants to boost her confidence.
Through this adventure, we have wanted to accompany women who assert themselves, dare to take risks, and women of character who push boundaries with strength and elegance.


ELLOZZE is a name that voices our DNA. ELLOZZE (from French “she dares”) dresses women who move forward, who act, who become their true selves, who create, discover and dare to live their life to the fullest.
ELLOZZE, c’est un nom qui exprime notre ADN. ELLOZZE (elle ose) habille les femmes qui avancent, qui agissent, qui se réalisent, qui créent, découvrent et osent vivre leur vie.


At ELLOZZE, we place authenticity, audacity and agility to the forefront of our company’s values.
Those values are the basement that guides every action we take.
Our fabrics are carefully selected from French and European suppliers, and bring life to inspired creations fashioned by a collective of passionate designers.
We stand for a sustainable fashion, that translates into a Made in France manufacturing and “zero waste” collections.

"The ELLOZZE jumpsuit is a visual interpretation of empowerment. It sublimates women and boosts their confidence, which changes their relation with fashion and the world."

Narjisse Temmim, Founder