What to wear to the office when it's hot

Work and hot weather don't often go together. When summer comes, we dream more of swimsuits and light outfits than working girl suits... How to stay sophisticated at the office when it's 40°C degrees? Instructions for the summer dress code in times of heat wave!

Summer office wear: natural materials

In hot weather, synthetic materials like polyester tend to suffocate the skin. This creates a breeding ground for hypersudation. The solution? Opt for natural materials, which are light and allow the skin to breathe.

Among natural materials, cotton is one of the best alternatives. Indeed, its light weave brings a feeling of freshness throughout the day. For example, a 100% cotton t-shirt will be much more comfortable to wear than a polyester shirt.

Linen is another alternative that is just as effective in overcoming a hot day at the office. Indeed, this natural material is thermoregulating and very light. Moreover, it is known for its great absorption capacity. We can easily imagine straight or carrot white pants with this cotton t-shirt that we mentioned above.

Another natural material ideal for a summer workwear, the Tencel. It is an artificial material of plant origin. This soft, elastic and resistant fabric absorbs moisture and allows the skin to breathe.

What about wool? It is perfectly possible to wear a garment made of wool in the middle of summer. Wool is a natural thermoregulating material that allows the skin to breathe. It has the added advantage of retaining moisture while remaining dry to the touch. It is the thickness of wool that keeps you warm in winter. In summer, a light fabric offers perfect comfort, even on hot days.

The plus? Wool naturally protects against UVA and UVB rays. It has SPF protection ratings of up to 50+.

Summer workwear style: fluid cuts

Slim pants, tight dresses, armholes that are tight around the arms, chest, waist, thighs or knees are not ideal for a summer day at the office. In hot weather, this type of outfit will tend to make you sweat a lot. In addition, tight-fitting cuts can also cut off blood circulation and therefore promote a feeling of heavy legs.

It is therefore preferable to wear loose, flowing cuts, such as wide pants or a light dress. In addition to being elegant, loose-fitting clothing allows the skin to breathe thanks to easier air circulation. We therefore recommend that your summer wardrobe is filled with slightly oversized linen shirts, wide and thin pants, short-sleeved or strapless wrap dresses, Bermuda shorts, rompers, light jumpsuits or flowing skirts combined with 100% cotton t-shirts.

Choosing the right colors for your summer office outfit

When it's hot, dark colors are to be avoided. Black, dark gray, navy blue, dark green ... All these colors let pass the ultraviolet and infrared responsible for the sensation of heat. The darker a material is, the more heat it reflects.

Conversely, light colors block infrared. In fact, they receive less heat and reflect, logically, less too. For example, a square meter of white or beige fabric absorbs only 120 watts per square meter, while a black fabric absorbs three times more.

As you can see, in summer, you should focus on white, beige and pastel palettes. These colors brighten and bring freshness to your summer outfit. Bonus: these light colors tend to bring out the tan. Do you have fair skin? Don't deny yourself the right to wear white! Here are some tips:

Go for warm whites like cream, champagne, off-white or ivory instead.

  • Wear white on the bottom: white pants or shorts won't clash with your pale skin tone, especially if you pair them with a colored top!
  • Add an accessory to your white outfit: a colored jacket or scarf will enhance your complexion.
  • Revive your complexion with a touch of makeup: a blush and you're done! White will suit you perfectly.

You can also choose to wear brighter and warmer colors. For example, coral, pink, azure or turquoise blue will bring cheerfulness to your work outfit! Pastels are also a great alternative for summer workwear. These subtly colored shades work well with more neutral colors, like white or beige.

Finally, colors such as clay, ochre or eucalyptus will add style to your office wear.

Summer workwear attire: what shoes to wear?

It is undeniable, shoes finish an outfit. It is thus impossible to cut on the choice of the perfect pair. However, in hot weather, the selection can be a little more complicated than in winter. Indeed, shoes with heels can be a bad choice, even if they are sandals. The reason? With the heat, feet tend to swell. Flat shoes are more comfortable and allow for better blood circulation and less effort when you move. Even if sneakers are always a good alternative, the ideal remains open shoes, like a pair of flat sandals. With a jewel, in python, in the spartan style, you will have the embarrassment of the choice for each of your outfits.

Addicted to heels? We suggest you opt for platform wedges or mules. Thick heels are also more suitable for a hot day.

The right office outfit for summer: accessories

Accessories are also important when choosing an office outfit in hot weather. Indeed, if you prefer flowing, loose-fitting clothes in light natural materials, such as linen or white cotton, as well as flat sandals, accessories can give a more dressed-up touch to the overall outfit. For example, a necklace, hair jewelry or a colorful scarf and bag can add a nice twist.

Also, on a hot day at work, we recommend putting your hair up. Not only will it look chic, but it will also keep you cooler. Fabric scrunchies or clips are a good alternative.

A tip? Keep in mind that even if it's hot outside, the rooms tend to be air-conditioned. So it's helpful to leave a jacket or sweater in the office to cover up.

ELLOZZE summer workwear

At ELLOZZE, we have everything you need to dress for work, even when it's really hot! Here are some ideas for summer office wear:

The jumpsuit, the ideal summer workwear attire

ELLOZZE is known for its large collection of jumpsuits. We have developed a collection of workwear jumpsuits for women. Inspired by the work uniform, the jumpsuit has become a must-have in the modern woman's wardrobe. This garment in which one feels comfortable, ensures a unique and assertive style. ELLOZZE pantsuits, made of natural materials such as cotton, are both fluid and light. Ideal for 100% working girl summer looks.

Don't know what to wear to your company's summer party? Look no further, ELLOZZE offers a collection of light evening jumpsuits, ideal for dancing the night away, even in 30°C degree weather!

The romper, the summer alternative to office wear for women

The romper is the perfect option for a spring-summer work look. In fact, our leggy outfits are still sophisticated enough to shine at the office. You can wear them with heeled or flat sandals.

Dresses, a must-have for summer office wear

The ELLOZZE summer dresses collection offers Made in France dresses that are fitted, loose, asymmetrical or even wrap dresses to accessorize according to your mood. In natural and noble materials, they sublimate each morphology, while being light and pleasant to wear. A way to assert your femininity with style, even in hot weather!

The pants, for a timeless summer workwear attire

ELLOZZE pants can be worn in all circumstances. You can choose between flowing pants, carrot cut, straight, fitted or high waisted. They are an ELLOZZE basic, available in light and comfortable materials: virgin wool, satin, crepe... You can perfect your office outfit with one of our tops, whose cuts are carefully thought out.

In addition to being at the forefront of summer fashion, ELLOZZE has an equally sophisticated, timeless and comfortable wardrobe for winter. Although it is quite different from the summer wardrobe, it is made of equally noble materials. Something to look forward to in winter!

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