Finding your style: our tips for a sustainable approach

Finding looks that match your personality and lifestyle, while remaining elegant is a question that many women ask themselves. Which piece to choose between skirt or pants? Chinos, leggings, jeans, black leather pants, ... Which material and which cut will suit my style and my morphology the best ? How to follow the trends while staying true to your style? In order to find your style, it is essential to understand the different possible combinations of clothes, and to know which clothes fit your body type best. By following some simple rules, you can find the pieces that will best enhance your femininity and personality.

Simple does not mean boring. Add a touch of originality to your basics to vary your style throughout the day.

In order to develop a specific style, you don't need the most original and distinctive pieces from the start. Starting with a basic, and dressing with neutral colors and cuts in a casual chic style, such as jeans, plain pants and t-shirt, a denim jumpsuit, a pair of sneakers, etc., can allow you to adapt your style according to your desires. Put on heels and a suit jacket, and you've got the working girl look. Or do you prefer a more rock style with a perfecto jacket and black leather boots? Play on the masculine-feminine style by adding derbies, a teddy jacket or a large trench coat to your outfit. Take inspiration from 70's and 80's accessories, which have remained timeless must-haves throughout the past decades, to combine them with contemporary clothes and reinvent a bohemian chic look. From wardrobe staples, it gets easy to adapt your outfit, avoid style mistakes, and explore different clothing styles, simply by adding a few accessories, a bag, a pair of shoes, or striking pieces that will highlight the originality of your look.

Take inspiration from current trends, and adapt them to real life with a streetwear look.

If you want to have a style that matches the trends of the moment, streetwear will use timeless classics to let your personality shine through. Originally derived from hip-hop and sportswear dress codes, with its loose-fitting clothes, striking prints and patterns, and sports brands, streetwear has evolved and adapted to become one of the major fashion trends. A pair of jeans, a sweatshirt or a large t-shirt, a pair of women's sneakers, and that's it. Adopting a style such as this one, it is above all choosing comfortable clothes, easy to associate, to dress you simply while having a casual look without being neglected. All you have to do is choose the right colors and accessories to keep your cool and elegant style. A long coat, the latest fashionable bomber, a trendy down jacket, a straight cut denim jumpsuit... Dare to bring pieces that will offer a subtle contrast. Far from the look of fashionistas, streetwear is inspired by real life, and proposes to mix and match endlessly, allowing you to dress for the weekend as well as for a professional look, keeping you comfy throughout the day.

Bring out your personality and make your outfit your own with accessories.

While not mandatory, stylish accessories and elegant clothing details can help you make a statement and develop your style. A modern handbag will add a statement to your streetwear look, a scarf or a collection of hats can easily give to your casual style a more glamorous and refined air, a belt to mark the waist of your jumpsuit or your jacket will give relief to your silhouette... Clothes and accessories will give you a more dressed up look, and playing with associations will keep you elegant and stylish in every situation. You will be able to make fashion your own by daring to play with the details, and change your outfit in the blink of an eye, without even changing your clothes. Going from a pair of sneakers to a pair of heels, and adding some jewelry will totally change your silhouette, and your look at the same time, without having to change your outfit. Accessorize to your heart's content, whether it's with minimalist or maximalist accessories: stay true to yourself, for a style that corresponds to you.

Follow the major trends. Don't give in to the sirens of ephemeral fashions.

In order to wear your wardrobe season after season and still enjoy dressing up, rely on the great timeless trends that match your style. Stylists are not mistaken. Fashions come and go, but style remains, and the vast majority of creations presented on the catwalks of fashion week and in magazines revisit a proven vintage clothing style to bring it up to date. Avoid following fast fashion micro-trends, which will have already bored everyone in a few months, in order to avoid the feeling of having to renew your wardrobe every 6 months or once the season is over. Some wardrobe staples, when accessorized with elegant pieces or accessories, add that special finishing touch, for an original look while allowing to be mixed and matched in a thousand different ways. With a good idea, some jewelry and a well-chosen pair of shoes, your favorite clothes will be able to adapt to the passing of time, and you will always be able to twist them to current trends, from the most classic style to the most rocking, while remaining elegant and trendy.

Build a cohesive wardrobe that will adapt to your desires.

Your choice of clothing should be based on consistency with the clothes you already own. Don't just throw yourself on any piece that catches your eye, but think beforehand about how you can match it with the other clothes in your wardrobe, but also with your morphology. By making it easy to mix and match, you'll be able to use your new purchase with any style of clothing, and that new acquisition will last over time. If you have a large collection of basics, this will be even easier. Remember to find colors that match your skin tone and will work perfectly with what you already have. Find different ways to wear the garment before you buy it, it would be a shame to wear it only once and let it stay in your dressing room.

Adapt your clothes to your body and your lifestyle, not the other way around.

For women as for men, defining your style means above all being able to dress in a comfortable way, with clothes adapted to your body type, while being able to wear different looks according to your desires. Play on the loose or fitted side of your clothes, but also on the height of the heels to slim your silhouette if necessary, and on the belts to mark your size. This will allow you to have a feminine style, without limiting yourself by thinking that this or that garment is not made for you. Once again, you don't have to adapt to the diktats of fashion, you will surely find a flattering cut that will enhance your lines.

Opt for quality garments.

When you choose clothes to remake or enhance your wardrobe, especially when it comes to basics that you will wear frequently, the choice of the cut, the quality of assembly, the quality of the fabric, leather or other materials used, is essential. You must be able to feel good in your clothes in the long term, for the fall - winter season as well as the spring - summer. A material that scratches, warps, or loses its comfort after two cleanings would not be a good investment. By selecting a quality garment, it will keep its beauty over time without getting damaged, and you will consume less, but better, and will be able to explore many styles over the years, by matching it with other elements of your wardrobe, and feel good in your clothes.

In summary, how do you find your style?

By following these tips, you will have a capsule wardrobe, made of quality basic pieces that will make you look good, and that will easily match, summer or winter, with all the pieces from the great trends that have crossed time. Observe in everyday life the outfits that stand out, try to understand what you like in them. Is it the cut? The color? The material? Adapt your wardrobe according to your desires, fall in love with clothes that will be renewed in a thousand different ways, and you will discover how to have your own style, thanks to a cohesive wardrobe, filled with pieces you’ll love and cherish forever.