Meeting with Julie Gayet

Meeting with Julie Gayet, actress and producer. An elegant and inspiring woman whose values we share.

Tell me one object that speaks of your origins.

A pair of panties? That hides the origin of the world…

What your mother gave you in one word.

Unconditional love.

What has been your biggest fight?

My children.

1 garment to get through life?

A jumpsuit of course!

What does freedom mean to you?

Independence. To come. To leave. To stay.

A book / podcast / music that carry you through the day?

A book The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

A podcast La Poudre by Lauren Bastide

Music, all of Johann Sebastian Bach

An advice for women of the future generations?

Do not wait, neither Prince Charming nor for someone to come and get them! Make your choices freely.

Julie is wearing the Nikita navy virgin wool jumpsuit and the Irene navy crepe jumpsuit, available in size 34 to 42.