Why Choose A White Jumpsuit To Get Married in Style ?

In recent years, getting married in trousers has become a trend. Whether it's a question of emancipation or a desire for comfort and originality, the jumpsuit and the suit seem to have conquered the hearts of women. Indeed, the white jumpsuit is a perfect alternative to the traditional wedding dress, whatever the season.

Generally worn at a civil wedding, the jumpsuit is the most traditional of the trouser outfit options, while at the same time providing a modern touch. Moreover, it suits all styles and body types. You just have to choose the right model, according to your shape and the atmosphere of your wedding. Whether it's for your civil wedding, your secular or religious ceremony, discover four reasons to get married in a jumpsuit and how to choose the right one for a stylish wedding.

4 reasons to get married in a white jumpsuit

The white jumpsuit: an alternative to the long dress

Don't feel comfortable in a long dress? It's not you? Does a blazer suit seem too strict? The alternative is simple: opt for a white jumpsuit for your wedding day. Elegant and comfortable, a jumpsuit can show off your shape just as well as a traditional wedding dress. The most important thing is to be yourself on your wedding day.

An original wedding outfit

Are dresses a bit too classic for you? Do you want to stand out and surprise your guests?

That's where the wedding jumpsuit comes in. Even though they are becoming more and more popular with brides-to-be, a wedding in a white jumpsuit, especially during a religious or secular ceremony, is still unusual. What a way to make sparks fly! Moreover, public personalities have already tested and approved it. This was the case of Amal Clooney or Beyoncé's sister, Solange Knowles, who both wore sublime wedding jumpsuits on the big day.

The white jumpsuit: simplicity and elegance

Do you dream of simplicity for your wedding? For example, an intimate dinner in the garden of a beautiful house in the heart of the French countryside? In that case, the long lace dress may not be the ideal look. On the other hand, the trouser suit is THE simple yet elegant piece of clothing. With its clean cut and perfect fit, a jumpsuit can enhance your shape and lengthen your legs.

Combining comfort and glamour in a white suit

Your wedding, although unforgettable, is an event full of twists and turns. That's why it's crucial to feel comfortable in your wedding attire. What could be more practical and comfortable than an elegant jumpsuit to shine on the most beautiful day of your life? By choosing a soft material and a loose fit, for example, you'll be sure to feel comfortable dancing the night away.

Recycling your wedding outfit

What if we told you that it was possible to recycle your wedding outfit? By opting for a bridal look in a jumpsuit, you can wear your pretty outfit on special occasions with a jacket, or in the summer, in a more casual way with trainers.

What kind of suit for your wedding?

If you're opting for a white wedding jumpsuit for your big day, there's plenty of choice! There are many styles of jumpsuits, here is a selection of the most trendy.

The long sleeve suit

The long sleeve jumpsuit is ideal for a winter or mid-season wedding. It will keep you warm, while looking elegant. For even more effect, you can opt for lace sleeves, a pretty collar or a jumpsuit with a plunging neckline.

ELLOZZE's Fabie jumpsuit in ecru crepe, with its wrap-around tie front and cross-over neckline, is a perfect interpretation of the long-sleeved jumpsuit, combining femininity and elegance. Perfect for a city wedding in Paris, for example.

The off-the-shoulder jumpsuit

A sleeveless or off-the-shoulder jumpsuit is perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Both chic and sexy, you will turn heads!

In the wedding collection, the Lily sleeveless jumpsuit in ecru crepe combines elegance and sobriety. Its refined silhouette will allow you to bring your own touch of madness in the accessories.

The casual jumpsuit

Are you planning a casual wedding? Then a simple jumpsuit in a flowing material with a perfect fit will be the best choice.

The Vanou jumpsuit in cotton embodies a modern and liberated femininity. Accessorize with XXL pumps, big earrings and why not, a mini veil.

The asymmetrical jumpsuit

Asymmetrical is the latest trend. An additional originality to the jumpsuit, which will hit the spot

The backless suit

Wearing a do-nu is very feminine. Combined with the originality of a jumpsuit, you're sure to be a hit.

For a summer wedding, our sleeveless Erin jumpsuit in ecru crepe, with a V-neckline and open back for a beautiful halter effect, is ideal. The zipper makes the silhouette longer and brings a modern touch to the wedding outfit.

How to choose your wedding jumpsuit?

To each his own style of jumpsuit

The jumpsuit has the advantage of being adaptable to all types of body shapes. However, some cuts will suit you better than others. If you have a slim waist and are slender, a loose-fitting jumpsuit is the best way to subtly play with volume. Depending on the model, the jumpsuit can give a blousant and poetic effect to your outfit. In another style, but just as stylish, the strapless jumpsuit is a cut that goes perfectly with slim body types. Moreover, it will enhance your chest.

If you're a fuller figure, a close-fitting jumpsuit can give a chic and sensual look. Indeed, the cut will draw perfectly the curve of your hips. The best part? Don't forget to mark the waist to emphasize your shape.

For smaller people, a playsuit lengthens the figure and highlights the legs. A neckline at the front or back adds a glamorous touch to the outfit.

Choosing the right bridal jumpsuit

There are many different types of wedding jumpsuits. There is something for every taste and style. However, it is important to choose carefully. For this, several criteria should be taken into account, among them :

  • The choice of the cut : you will choose the model according to the style of your wedding. If it is romantic, bohemian or country, you can choose a jumpsuit or a playsuit, long sleeves or short sleeves, a halter top or a choker...

  • The choice of materials : lace, silk, cotton, gabardine, crepe, chiffon, satin...https://v2.langify-app.com/articles/425980#

  • The colour of the jumpsuit : white yes, but not just any white! There are different shades of white, such as cream or ecru. You have to choose the one that best suits your skin tone.

  • Choosing the brand : feeling is important. Liking the general style (fun or romantic atmosphere...), the history and the commitments of a brand are essential.

A piece of advice: try on several items before making your decision. This will sharpen your eye and allow you to see what suits you best.

How to accessorise a white jumpsuit?

Even if the jumpsuit is enough to make you look good and highlight your assets, new or vintage accessories can perfect the outfit. Especially since a white jumpsuit is often easier to accessorise than a wedding dress. Here are a few ideas, some of which are very affordable, to enhance your wedding jumpsuit.

As for shoes, pumps will lengthen the silhouette, while trainers or boots will give a casual-chic look.

As far as jewellery is concerned, earrings are a must! Whether they are clip-on or for pierced ears, they brighten up the face and add a touch of glamour, without overdoing it. A pretty belt can be added if the combination is simple.

Do you like flowers? Don't hesitate to put a pretty flower crown in your hair. And if you want to play it quirky, the mini or maxi veil will finish off your ultra original wedding outfit.

The evening jumpsuit: the perfect outfit for bridesmaids

If you prefer the idea of getting married in a dress, the evening jumpsuit is the perfect option for your bridesmaids. You'll be sure to have your wedding crew looking amazing at your wedding and on Instagram! You can go for a solid colour or multiply the tones by offering them different colours.

Did you know that?

Originally, the overalls were nothing more and nothing less than men's work clothes. However, over the years, it has become an emblem of women's liberation. From the 1970s onwards, and even more so in the 1980s, the jumpsuit spread beyond factories and male workers, to be worn proudly by independent and assertive women.