The jumpsuit: how to wear it all year long?

The jumpsuit is the perfect garment to wear whatever the season or the occasion. Depending on the material and the cut, this 2-in-1 garment can be worn on hot summer days as well as in freezing winters. But then, which cuts, materials and colors are the most adapted according to the weather? And once the perfect jumpsuit is finally found, how to accessorize it? Find out how to wear a jumpsuit all year long.

How to wear a jumpsuit in winter?

Winter jumpsuit : which materials ?

In winter, it is often difficult to be warm, while staying chic. Indeed, we feel more comfortable in a jeans and sweater outfit than in a dress with tights. This is where the jumpsuit comes in. This 2-in-1 garment, made of thermoregulating materials, brings style and comfort. These materials are essential to get through the winter season and can be natural or synthetic.

Among the natural materials, there is wool. Alpaca wool, mohair, merino, virgin ... Wool offers many advantages in winter: it is thermoregulating, antibacterial and insulating. It keeps you warm, while preventing you from sweating. What's more? It is naturally biodegradable because it releases nutrients during its decomposition.

At ELLOZZE, some of our Made in France winter jumpsuits are made of virgin wool. The best to keep you warm with style!

Another natural material: cashmere. In addition to being very soft, this material, made from goat hair, is among the warmest fabrics.

Denim, made of cotton, is an ideal material for winter. The denim jumpsuit is a feminine basic to wear all year round and on all occasions: at the office, in the evening or on the weekend. ELLOZZE denim jumpsuits are iconic pieces. Made of a mix of cotton, polyester and elastane for comfort, they will not fail to keep you warm this winter.

Leather is one of the key materials for winter. It is at the same time warm, allows to keep the heat, has a windproof effect and finally, is waterproof. At ELLOZZE, the leather jumpsuits, true pieces of exception, are handmade in our Parisian partner workshop. The leathers are carefully chosen for their quality and the delicacy of their appearance.

Often mixed with natural fibers, such as wool or cotton, synthetic materials are also used to keep warm. This is the case of polyester or viscose which allow to absorb humidity and to preserve body heat without wearing too imposing layers of clothing. ELLOZZE pieces are mostly made of these materials, partly recycled or upcycled.

Winter jumpsuit : which cuts ?

Jumpsuits are the ideal outfit for winter. 2 in 1, they allow you to create a look in all circumstances. However, depending on your morphology and the season, certain cuts are to be preferred.

If you are slim and have a slim waist, a loose-fitting pants with a top bloused effect will allow you to play with volume. Our grey flannel jumpsuit, which opts for long sleeves and a slightly oversized cut, is the ideal piece. In another style, but perfectly suited to slim body types, our strapless leather jumpsuit will show you off, while keeping you warm.

Winter jumpsuit : which colors ?

Traditionally, winter colors are dark. Brown, black, gray, navy blue, burgundy ... in addition to giving an impression of cocoon, these colors let pass the ultraviolet and infrared responsible for the feeling of heat. The darker a material is, the warmer it is. Moreover, these discrete colors adapt to all situations and can be easily accessorized.

Think about wearing color in winter. A bright color, such as red, purple or green will bring pop and energy to your winter look.

How to wear the jumpsuit in summer ?

What materials to wear in summer ?

In summer, it is preferable to avoid synthetic materials, such as polyester or elastane, which tend to suffocate the skin. Indeed, they can lead to hypersudation..

Therefore, it is best to opt for light natural materials that allow the skin to breathe. Among natural materials, cotton is one of the best alternatives. The reason? Its light weave provides a feeling of freshness throughout the day.

Another option that is just as suitable during the summer season is linen. This light natural material is thermoregulating and is famous for its absorption capacity.

Tencel is also an ideal natural material for summer. It is an artificial material of vegetable origin. This soft, elastic and resistant fabric absorbs moisture and allows the skin to breathe.

At the risk of surprising you, wool is also a perfect material for summer. Thermoregulating, it also has the advantage of retaining moisture, allowing you to stay dry all day. The plus? Wool naturally protects against UVA and UVB rays. It has a SPF protection factor of up to 50+.

Summer jumpsuit : which cuts ?

At this time of the year, wearing a tight fitting jumpsuit is not a great idea. It will tend to keep you warm and make you sweat. It's best to opt for a flowy jumpsuit, or even better, a short jumpsuit, allowing your legs to breathe. Don't get me wrong, you can look chic wearing a short romper!

Jumpsuit in summer: what colors?

Dark colors do not go well with the heat. It is therefore preferable to wear light colors. These colors block infrared rays and receive and reflect less heat.

We recommend that you opt for white, beige and pastel colors. In addition to brightening up an outfit, they tend to look good with your the tan.

How to wear a jumpsuit during the mid-season?

In addition to making a dream silhouette, the jumpsuit is the ideal outfit for spring and fall. It's a 2-in-1 style, so you don't have to struggle to find a top and bottom that work for the weather. If it's nice outside, choose one of your summer jumpsuits or even a romper, and accessorize it with a jacket or scarf. On the other hand, in autumn, you can go out with your winter jumpsuits, without needing to cover yourself with a coat!

How to style a jumpsuit?

Even if the jumpsuit is a strong styling piece, it remains a wardrobe staple and needs some accessorizing. So, how to accessorize a jumpsuit? Here are a few ideas to sublimate it, in winter as in summer.

Shoes are the ultimate fashion accessory. They can bring the final touch to even the simplest of jumpsuits. Depending on the season, you can opt for sneakers or sandals that will give a casual-chic look. Booties, pumps or heeled boots will lengthen the silhouette. For a more rock n’ roll look, opt for flat boots.

Regarding the jewelry, they will give a feminine touch to the jumpsuit. You can opt for earrings or a necklace, if your jumpsuit has a low-neck cut. A nice belt can be added to refine the outfit. It will add more structure to a flowy jumpsuit.

The trick? A colorful scarf as a belt to brighten up a navy, white or khaki suit. It works in summer, as well as in winter!

As for the jacket, several options are available to you, among them, the leather jacket. With a denim jumpsuit and matching leather boots, you will get a rock n’ roll look that won’t go unnoticed. The denim jacket over a cotton or crepe jumpsuit is also a good alternative. If you dare, you can play the total denim look with a denim on denim outfit or “Canadian tuxedo” of denim pants and a denim jacket.

For work or a party, a tailored jacket is the ideal accessory for a confident look. And speaking of a working girl look, find out how to dress in the office when it's hot by reading our article on the subject.